SafeGuest™ is better guest WiFi

Secure and hassle-free guest WiFi without confusing passwords.

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Say goodbye to worrying about WiFi

Allow your guests to safely connect to WiFi without passwords or connection issues.

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Tracks your guest activity

Manage and track your guests in real-time without missing a thing.

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SafeGuest™ protects your WiFi network

No more passwords, hassles or security concerns.

  • Password-free guest registration

    Your guests won't need to ask for a password or wonder how to connect - we manage user authentication and you set the limits.

  • Know exactly who's online

    View connected guests and unconnected devices in real-time. Automatically limit network access and block illegal downloads.

  • Keeps your WiFi network safe

    Automatically filters torrents, porn and blocks other illegal websites to offer fully-complaint secure guest WiFi.

  • Track guest activity with alerts

    Monitor individual guest activity with a WiFi radar and get real-time push notifications when your guest limit is reached.

A safer, better guest WiFi experience

SafeGuest™ helps vacation rental hosts offer remotely-managed guest WiFi.

The app manages everything

Built-in features include content filters, bandwidth controls, guest activity tracking and remote monitoring via iPhone or Android App.

The safe and simple guest WiFi solution for vacation rental hosts

You don't leave your doors unlocked... why leave your WiFi unprotected?

SafeGuest™ WiFi Hotspot | Wireless Internet for Vacation Rental Properties
  • Instant Setup

    Simply plug it in and turn it on to offer safe guest WiFi at your rental property.

  • Easy to Connect

    Your guests can easily access your protected network with no passwords.

  • Secure Network

    Offer a separate guest network for your guests to go online - headache free!

  • Remote Management

    Built-in services include remote bandwidth throttling, DNS content filter and more!


Thousands of hosts are protecting their Wireless Internet with SafeGuest™

"SafeGuest protects me against torrents and illegal downloads, so I never have to worry about guests getting me in trouble with the cable company."

"My guests NEVER ask me for my Wi-Fi password anymore, and I'm getting more positive Airbnb host reviews because of it!"

"I used to go over my month Internet bill, but not anymore. SafeGuest has saved me thousands of dollars in data over charges."

"SafeGuest allows me to see how many people are at my guest house at all times. I sleep better night knowing that there are no parties happening."

Never worry about guest WiFi

Remotely manage your guest WiFi access and automatically protect your network
No More Passwords

Automatically offer guest WiFi access without compromising your password.

DNS Content Filter

Block all inappropriate and illegal download sites to keep your network legally compliant.

Manage Internet Data

Remotely throttle your bandwidth and set data limits to avoid overpaying service fees.

Remote Access

Manage and view all guests remotely using our mobile app available on iOS and Android.

Push Notifications

Get real-time alerts of connected users and guest WiFi activity at your location.

Guest Radar

Monitor the total number of WiFi devices and get notified of suspicious activity.

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See why SafeGuest™ is the easiest way to manage your guest WiFi

Protect your guest WiFi with SafeGuest™

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